Please don't leave me alone. Anuka – Psychedelic Addict (prod. by Pham) / Lyrics are in the description. Listen to more songs like this → Support the artist. Download / stream 'Anuka – Psychedelic Addict (prod. by Pham)' on: → Soundcloud → Spotify → iTunes Anuka → → → → → → Pham → → → → → Photo by Sal Moriarty → → — → More songs by Anuka Murky – Heavy Hearted (feat. Anuka) → → More songs by Pham Pham – Way Out → → Previously on dynmk pre kai ro – queen of the new world (prod. by olsem) → Ken BLVD – Need Much (prod. by Omito) → John Rose – Beautiful → pre kai ro – need me (prod. by olsem) → WAJU – 4 Me (ft. Kyle the Hooligan) → — Anuka – Psychedelic Addict (prod. by Pham) - Lyrics I’m a psychedelic addict satisfaction is a savage when the sweetest acid slides right into my bones all strictly systematic abc alphabetic this focus is fatal baby please don’t leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone Pour it all together I don’t set the measure only my fate bears responsibility baby it’s whatever this magical texture fills up the void inside of me think I learned my lesson on another level take me home and put me straight to sleep I gotta confess first I felt refreshed but the aftertaste is bittersweet Psychedelic addict I’m a psychedelic addict la-lay me down on the mattress will you just take off my panties and put the shower on warning content’s graphic when the water washes away the rebel you should pick it up and grab it before it’s gone before it’s gone before it’s gone Psychedelic addict — dynmk. This is the now. S U B S C R I B E → S U B M I T → → → → → → — If you don't want your music here, just drop me a quick email Anuka – Psychedelic Addict (prod. by Pham)

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