Listen to “No Ordinary” by Labrinth now: Amazon Music: Apple Music: iTunes: Soundcloud: Spotify: YouTube Music: Follow Labrinth: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Listen To Labrinth: Lyrics: Oh this No Ordin-ary love (Here, here) Yeah me In owe of you now (Mmm mmm) This uncon- (Unconditional) Ditional (Devotion) Devotion Got my heart so wide open Lifting my spirit like a Holy Ghost Oh this (Oh this love,love) No ordin-ary love (Here, here) la la I need you in my arms ayy yeah Oh this No ordinary love (Here, here) Your kiss A sky full of stars (Mmm mm) Now I got a purpose I got a reason your four letter word gave Me a whole new meaning, meaning I got a person Who made me believe in More than words could Show you how I’m feeling, feeling hey I know this is no ordinary love Yeah Hey I know this is no ordinary love Wooooh No ordinary love Hey #Labrinth #NoOrdinary #Xbox

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