It’s not so much that I’m impatient for new music by Tame Impala, I’m just really curious to hear what Kevin Parker does next. We’ll get a new album by Tame Impala… eventually. Support the channel on Patreon: Middle 8 Merch is HERE! Let’s talk music: Twitter: Instagram: Listen to the Middle 8 Spotify playlist: Written, Voiced and Edited by Frank Furtado #tameimpala #kevinparker #middle8 ------------------------------- This video essay covers the neo-psychedelic band Tame Impala. Speaking on the themes of their three released albums: Innerspeaker (2010) Lonerism (2012) Currents (2015) We'll dive into the mastermind behind the whole project, Kevin Parker. It’s been 881 days since the last Tame Impala record and unless the next one is out by 4/20/18, it’ll be the longest we’ve had to wait for a new album by the Australian outfit. It’s not so much that I’m impatient for new music, I’m just really curious to hear what Tame Impala does next. Taking the intricacies of the psychedelic rock genre and combining it with the sugary melodies of modern day pop music, has made Tame Impala one of the most notable “indie” artists today. And that popularity is well earned as all three of Tame Impala’s LP’s have received universal acclaim with fans constantly juggling over which is their favourite. Every new release has moved Tame Impala’s sound forward, with the latest being the largest diversion yet. But before I can tell you more about Tame Impala and their music -- we need to talk about Kevin, Parker. He IS Tame Impala. Are Tame Impala still together? YES! Just on a hiatus. Did Tame Impala break up? No. Is Tame Impala working on a new album? Yes, Kevin Parker says new music is his priority and would like to release a new Tame Impala album in summer 2019. Tame Impala - Patience Tame Impala - Patience Tame Impala - Patience was the first single release from his upcoming album.

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